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We work:

from Monday to Saturday;

09:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs

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We work:

from Monday to Saturday;

09:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs

Concord Travel & Tax Services

Personal advice for your taxes

Leave your finances in expert hands

Tax preparation in your own language

Save your time

We prepare your taxes

Gregoria Colon

Master in Finance and Economics

  • ITIN application (TAX ID).
  • Review of tax returns from previous years.
  • Business accounting.
  • We review audits
  • Preparation of taxes for businesses.
  • We speak Spanish.

Concord Travel & Tax Services

About Us

Gregoria Colon, Dominican nationality. Graduated in Business Administration from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico with a Master’s degree in Finance and Economics. In 2003 she moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where she has dedicated herself to collaborating with her Latino community, helping them keep up with tax issues and their personal finances. His vision is “To offer a quality service, with honesty and professionalism”.

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Concord Travel & Tax Services has as mission to offer the best tourist services of the market and personal financial advice and for your business.
We want to exceed the expectations of our customers with personalized attention, good communication and speed in our services.
We provide high quality customer service.


Be leaders in our sector. Offering quality and original services, with honesty and professionalism including the lowest prices in the market.
On the tourist side we want to make your trip a pleasant experience and for financial advice, we want to position ourselves as the most reliable agency in the market.
Our motto is “Leave your concerns in the hands of an expert”



  • ITIN application (TAX ID).
  • Review of taxes from previous years.
  • We answer audits.
  • Preparation of business taxes.
  • We speak Spanish.

To locate the tax office, call us at (704) 707-3879).

Bussines Advice

We use the IRS federal guidelines of the Government of the United States, in charge of tax collection and tax law compliance to give you the best advice.

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Refunds and Withholdings

  • New business registration
  • Preparation of business taxes.
  • TAX ID, W7.
  • Business accounting.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Payroll.
  • Sales taxes.
  • Payment of business taxes.

Benefits of Having Taxes Up to Date

Know all the benefits of the law and taxes

Benefits of having your taxes up to date and complying with the responsible citizen obligation will help you to acquire social benefits such as school credits, credit for a house, and having a good credit history which will help you in your migratory needs.

How many children do you have?

Receive up to USD $ 6318.00 for them.

Reimbursements and external funds for your check

Add them to your check!

Your tax returns should not have to wait

We work from Monday to Sunday.

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